Pontoon floating pier
Product Introduction

Pontoon floating pier

[Definition] A floating structure that is connected to one or more pontoon so that the ship can berth regardless of the tide in the place with severe tide level differences. The Pontoon is connected to the anchor by a chain, and there are a lateral pier and longitudinal pier types. It is difficult to increase the overhead load due to the lack of support as it is a floating body. It is usually convenient for passenger transportation. It is suitable for places where the water depth is high or the ground with a weak flow of wave or tide, or the ground with soft soil.

Product Technology

Feature 1

In the bottom surface, part of Pontoon with a perforated center hole, water reaching groove with an open bottom is formed to maintain stability when the groove is filled with water as it reaches on the water surface.

Feature 2

The water filled in the water catching grooves as the water level changes partially flows into the center hole and flows up and down, allowing the floating marine structure to be stably balanced even in strong waves and storms.

Feature 3

The inside is filled with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) for excellent buoyancy. The outer surface of the pontoon is coated with polyurea, having excellent waterproofness and elasticity that prevents the water from coming inside.


Name Pontoon
Material E.P.S+Polyurea
Size L1990 X 1490 X H600
Weight 90kg or lower / unit
Buoyancy 1400kg or lower / unit
Usage Yacht Mooring Facility, water leisure facilities, a fishing pier, a floating pier, etc.
Feture Various colors and designs can be produced and production possible according to the order specification


Name Pedestal
Material aluminum
Size 250X250X800
Usage The product that supplies electricity and water to anchored Yacht
Feture It has a light device that can be identified at night, a ventilation device preventing condensation inside, and an inspection hole for easy maintenance. Can be produced in diverse colors.


Name Aluminum Cleat
Material aluminum
Size 200x150x200mm 270x110x150mm
Usage Products that ties up the line to moor the anchored Yacht
Feture No risk of corrosion due to strong durability


Name Pile Guide
Material Stainless steel
Size ∅406. ∅508 ∅610
Usage Pier fixing device
Feture Produced with stainless steel material strong against seawater, catches the pier. Also, it can be moved up and down according to the water level


Name Pile Cap
Material P.E
Size ∅406. ∅508 ∅610
Usage Cap applied to Steel pipe pile top-part
Feture Installed on the top-part of steel pipe pile and diverse design production possible while creating a well-organized appearance for pile top-part and preventing corrosion.


Name Hinge
Material Stainless steel
Size 190 x 140
Usage Products that connect a pier to pier
Feture Shock mitigation against strong waves or ship waves

RACKLife ring rack

Name Life ring rack
Material Stainless steel
Size ∅100 x 1100
Usage Used as rescue structure
Feture Produced with strong stainless steel material against seawater and various production according to usage possible


Name Aluminum sheet
Material aluminum
Size 50×21(For pier border design)
170×23 (Used for border design and for water and electricity inspection hole)
Usage Used for pier border design and service opening use
Feture Creating a high-quality design with aluminum finishing on pier top-part borders

FENDERShock-resistant agent

Name Shock-resistant agent
Material Rubber
Size 100 x 100 x L1000 150 x 130 x L1000
Usage The product that protects the hall of a berthed Yacht
Feture Protects the hull during yacht and ship berthing and alleviates the impact against the pier

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