Pontoon floating pier
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Patent(floating pier)

Patent(Floating marine structure using Pontoon with buoyancy reinforcement)

Patent(Floating body)

Patent(Connecting-type Pontoon storage frame)

Patent(floating marine structure using Pontoon with the center hole perforated)

Patent(Concrete floating marine structure)

Patent(Pontoon storage frame)

Patent Certificate(10-1437895)-Artificial Fishing Shelter

Patent Certificate(10-1578554)-Artificial Fishing Shelter

Patent Certificate(Functional Artificial Fishing Shelter)20151001

Patent Certificate(Marine floating structure fender)-10-1508899

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Utility Model(floating pier)

Utility(Solar photovoltaic cleat)


Utility(Assembly-type floating pier using Pontoon)

Design(floating pier)

Design(edge protection cover)

Design(shock-resistant agent)

Design(Floating ship body)

Design(Pile guide for floating pier)

Design(Connecting Joint)


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Trademark certificate (INO MARINE)

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Service mark certificate (INO MARINE)