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What is Excellent Performance Product?

Excellent Procurement Product (Excellent Product)

In order to improve the product quality of procurement supplies and to support the market for small and medium-sized venture companies, the system has supplied products firstly to each government agency since 1996 that needs products through a Private Contract by designating a product with an excellent performance, technology or product quality as ‘Excellent Procurement Product’.

Excellent Procurement Product Application Subjects

A product or software produced by a small and medium-sized venture companies that are any of the following.

New Products (NEP)

New product or a product including a new product, which is possible to apply without Product quality Explanation Materials.

New Technology Applied Product (NET)

NET, electric power generation new technology, construction new technology, transportation new technology, environmental new technology, health new technology, or disaster prevention new technology with more than one essential Product Quality Explanation Material submitted.

Patent•Utility Model Product

A product produced by applying Korean Patent or Korea-registered Utility Model with more than one essential Product Quality Explanation Material submitted.

Copyrighted Excellent Product Quality S/W Certification Product(GS)

Copyrighted software that is possible to apply without Product quality Explanation Materials when the Excellent Product Quality Software (GS Certification) is acquired.

Product Quality Explanation Material

Performance Certification EPC, Excellent Recycling GR, Eco-Label (Environmental Mark), K Mark, Excellent Product Quality Software GS, High-efficiency energy equipment, Self-Product Quality Guaranteed Product, Intelligent Robot Product Quality Certification(R Mark), Health Care Products Product Quality Certification GH, Parts Material Reliability Certification.

Effect of Designation

Through the private contract, a third party unit-price contract or total-price contract possible.

Private contract legal ground

– Article 12 of “Enforcement Decree of the Act on the Promotion of Purchase of Small and Medium-sized Business Products and Support for Marketplaces” (Amended on January 12, 2016)
–  Purchase target ratio of SME technology development products (including Excellent Products) must be over 10% of purchase amount by SMEs (obligatory)