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What is PosMAC?


Refers to POSCO magnesium aluminum alloy coating product and it is Three-element high alloy steel plate of Zn(94.5%), Mg(3%), Al(2.5%) developed by the proprietary technology of POSCO.

PosMAC Features & Advantages

Features 1.

POSMAC C-steel purchasing & processing is issued with 25 years warranty by POSCO

Features 2.

PosMAC steel sheet maintains corrosion resistance on the cut surface without separate after-processing after cutting

Features 3.

PosMAC steel is far more corrosion resistant than zinc or galvalume when exposed to acid rain for long periods of time

Features 4.

The salt spray (corrosion resistance) test results show that PosMAC with an exposed edge up to 90 cycles has excellent corrosion resistance as there was rust formed.

Features 5.

POSCO acquired the Size Certification KS D 3030 (hot-dip galvanized-magnesium-aluminum alloy coated steel sheet and steel tape) for POSMAC products in November 2013